Marketing Assistance

Want to make your enhancement projects more successful?

Take the opportunity to work with our team. Create your own marketing campaign through our product benefits and private labeling opportunities. Start your own marketing campaign creating your own brand awareness and logos.

Differentiate Your Products or Business From the Competition

Design an entire marketing promotion through:

  • Private labeling
  • Custom logos
  • Claims and Slogans you can use in your own marketing media and packaging

Inform your customers of the benefits you are featuring:

With our private label offering, you can inform customers of the benefits with a custom logo with the added benefit of verifiable claims.  Your customers will know you are creating features and benefits with their concerns in mind.

Working with PureShield, Inc is easy. Whether you are an executive, marketer, manager, product developer, chemist or sales associate, we will help you enhance your products with our antimicrobials. By providing complimentary technical, regulatory and market guidance, we offer many resources to make your product enhancement projects successful.