Features Comparison of Bio-Protect 500 to Colloidal Silver and Poisons

  Poisons Colloidal Silver Bio-Protect 500

Bound vs. Unbound

  This is a significant area of differentiation. All antimicrobials EXCEPT Bio-Protect 500 are "unbound". Unbound Unbound Bound
  "Unbound technologies work by leaving (leaching) the applied substrate and entering the microbe in the air. The catalyst they use to leach from the substrate is usually moisture or sodium. Eventually this depleting action of the active ingredient and leaves the substrate unprotected. Bio-Protect only works if it remains attached to the substrate." Leaching Leaching Non-Leaching

Wash Durability

  SiS7200 passed two tests of 100 laundries. Silver has passed 50 washes but usually only at 70-90% by 50 washes. N/A 50 or Less Washes 100 Washes


  "Poison/Triclosan has been banned from Europe, is under a formal investigation in Canada and FDA opened ""formal"" investigation 9 months ago as triclosan has been found in mother's milk." Banned in Europe/ FDA opened formal investigation. Congressional review in Feb to discuss dangers. FDA has opened a formal investigation. None in 35 yrs.
  Silver was found in men and reduced their sperm count 60%. The US. FDA has opened a formal investigation.
  Bio-Protect 500 has never had a claim filed


  "Due to our "bound" technology, we are as GREEN as any antimicrobial. We stay on the applied substrate and do not leach off into the environment" A Poison A heavy metal No poisons or heavy metals
  We allow private labeling that most Silver wont. We allow you to put your marketing logo, theme on your packaging further advancing your shelf appeal No Private Labeling No Private Labeling Allow Private Labeling

Super Bug Creation

  Since we are a mechanical kill we are incapable of spawning a super bug. Silver and poison have been proven to create super bugs. Creates Super Bugs Creates Super Bugs Does NOT create Super Bugs


  Our antimicrobial pricing is equal or less Silver due to the fluctuations in pricing of heavy metals. Silver industry has responded by trying to use less Silver More $ More $ Less $


  Bio-Protect easily introduced during finishing cycle by 50~ plants in last 3 years     Added in finish cycle