Unique Antimicrobial Technology

Bio-Protect 7200 employs technology that is entirely unique to all other antimicrobial products.

This is a nano surface protectant that inhibits microbial growth on all applied surfaces.

It accomplishes this WITHOUT the use of poisons, phenols, alcohols, or heavy metals like nano silver or colloidal silver.

It is easily applied to most substrates to protect them from microbial growth. EPA registered, tested, long acting, non-leaching “bound” technology.

Benefits To Manufacturers

  • Unique bound technology
  • Long-term residual protection
  • GREEN - does not leach or deplete like nano silver
  • Efficacy proven through independent testing
  • SAFE - uses no poison or heavy metals like nano silver
  • Cannot create super bugs
  • Approved for porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Easily added to finish cycle for manufacturers
  • Water-based product for safe field applications (hospitals, oil rigs, mass transit, aviation, day cares)

Increase Your Profitability

Add value to your products by offering a “bound”, EPA registered cutting-edge technology.

Improve the shelf appeal of your products by incorporating your own private label to your packaging to enhance your existing marketing campaign.

Stand out from the competition by offering a safer “bound” antimicrobial solution with no poison or heavy metals that satisfies even the most eco-conscious consumers.

Present your company as one that takes care of its customers by investing in new safe, non-toxic technologies to safeguard the wellbeing of consumers.

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EPA: 87583-1, 87583-2 & 87583-3